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that is something that is said without thinking. Each one always thinks or says that they are the best. We are the best that we can be. We have each style represented by the sifu. We have styles that only those who practice it do. Northern Shaolin, Hung kune, Choilifat, Dragon, Yang taiji, Chen taiji, Wu taiji, weng chun, two-limbed, xing yi quan, bakua, ba ji, mantis, wenshengquan ...

Everything taught we know where it comes from.

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Lai Gan Qing


Lai Han Liang

Bak siulam, Bak Sing Choylifat, Hsuai jiao, taijiquan

Claudio Di Renzo


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Lai Gan Qing

Born in Fujian, father of three children: Lai Zong, Lai Shih, and Lai Han Liang. He started practicing with Ku Yu Chueng the Bak Siulam along with iron palm and Siu canson, and Tam Sam the Bak Sing Choilifat in Guangzhou. Lived 100 years


Lai Hanliang

This is the master of all who are here. Son of Lai Gan Qing, born in Guangzhou. He learned directly from his father.

Before learning with his father he trained Cha and Hua quan, and Yang style taijiquan, and later with several Hsuay Jiao teachers


Claudio Di Renzo

He started in 1975 with Aquilino Martinez, in 1978 he started doing taijiquan and in 1980 with Wang Tsing, in 1980 he traveled to Miami to put himself in the hands of Jerry Lee, in 2005 he became a disciple of Lai Han Liang

practice is the first ... without that quality nothing exists

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